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Please leave a few details to register for our webinar on Wednesday 5 December, 15.30 GMT / 10.30 EST presented in partnership with PlanetRetail RNG and we’ll send links and alerts in due course.
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About this webinar

With physical stores the ace in the pack when it comes to giving customers a memorable brand experience, we look at how the store can become the hub of ‘frictionless shopping’ to conveniently blend online, mobile, and physical experiences around the customer.

The webinar will look at how technology is providing new ways to:

  • Recognise and reward shoppers – wherever they touch your business
  • Free your associates from manual tasks to focus their time on shoppers
  • Blend online, mobile and in-store channels to create frictionless shopping experiences

It will be led by:

  • Rob Gregory, Global Research Director, PlanetRetail RNG
  • Sarah Herrlein, Senior Analyst, PlanetRetail RNG
  • Andrew Dark, CEO Displaydata
  • Paul Milner, Marketing Director, and Chairperson, Displaydata 
The team will refer to Displaydata and PlanetRetail RNG’s recent report ‘From Analogue to Automated: Retail in the Connected Age’